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SOAP-285 - Dia Zerva vs Andi - 47:30 Min.

Dia Zerva vs Andi
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Dia Zerva vs Andi

1) Dia Zerva vs Andi Part 1
2) Dia Zerva vs Andi Part 2

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1. Part Dia Zerva vs Andi (21:23 mins)

It's another blond on blond showdown this week as sexy and bodacious Andi takes on equally hot fan favorite Dia Zerva. About a month ago Andi battled blond bombshell Cadence hard in an exiting and rough matchup. Dominant against weaker foes, which she enjoys, this week Andi takes a big step up in competition. Dia is as tough as she is lovely (she's an ex-Marine!), and outside of the incomparable Isamar, few have been able to handle her.

Free Download: 1-1 Dia Zerva vs Andi Part 1

She is strong as an ox, fit, and training outside the Academy in addition to wrestling elsewhere. Hence, Dia is one tough broad. Once she gets on top it's usually over...at least the wrestling part. As the match starts, it's clear Andi is going to have to bring everything she's got just to stay in this one, as the power of Dia is evident immediately. Surprisingly, Andi battles back as hard as we've ever seen her.

Free Download: 1-2 Dia Zerva vs Andi Part 1

2. Part Dia Zerva vs Andi (26:06 mins)

This may be the most intense Andi performance yet. If one is expecting Dia to steamroll her opponent, guess again. While fast paced and competitive, this match is also quite erotic, with both front and reverse facesits, straddles, scissors, and smothers added to the standard Academy submissions. Once a final submission is scored, these two go into some of the hottest kissing, fondling, and facesitting action you'll ever see.

Free Download: 2-1 Dia Zerva vs Andi Part 2

The end of part 3 could easily be the fantastic finish-but no. Though this is a SOAP production, the strap-on never comes out-but who needs it. They use the double headed dildo and vibrator, and both women are very satisfied at the end, as will any lover of hot blonds in action. And facesitting fans will be more than pleased, to say the least.

Free Download: 2-2 Dia Zerva vs Andi Part 2





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