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#2841 article number: SOAP-270 - 1

Dia Zerra vs Holli Stevens (1) (26:01)

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Loser Gets Fucked

USA / Canada


SOAP (Academy)

bathing suits

dressed --> nude


studio mats

tit pulling

facesitting (clothing)





head scissors

body scissors

leg scissors









United States

Hot blonde Hollie Stevens makes her Academy debut against Dia Zerva! Hollie is tall and strong, as well as bright, and has some experience wrestling with the cameras rolling. Unfortunately, that experience was not under the same submissions only rules, something that bedevils most women trying this type of match for the first time. As confident as she is statuesque, Hollie is not deterred though, and seems relaxed as she warms up facing her opponent. Opposite Hollie on the mats, Dia stretches out her powerful figure. Bursting out of a little white bodysuit she looks sexy as hell, and more than happy at the prospects of facing off with her bigger for.

Dia is fit, very strong, and darn tough despite her big blue eyes and cherry demeanor. Having some matches in at Academy already, she's taken the obligatory beatings from the veterans and learned her lessons well. At the outset, Dia gets all over Hollie like white on rice. Hollie is able to fend her off, but cannot mount any offense. Looking for openings from the bottom position, Dia beautifully taps her out quickly a couple times, before pinning Hollie down with a titsmother. But then, out of nowhere, Hollie begins to get the hang of it. Rather than merely hold Dia off, she begins to get on top and actually control parts of the match. Dia gets an up close introduction to Hollie's tits, but is it too little, too late for Ms. Stevens?
Dia Zerva
height 168
age -
weight 61
country United States
cup size C
Holli Stevens
height 167
age -
weight 60
country United States
cup size C