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21 years of Kontex Network

Buy 2 downloads / DVDs, get 1 free! (for ALL websites)

This is how it works:

1. The offer is valid from the 27.09. til 03.11.2021
2. Buy 2 fights as download / DVD, select  3rd of your choice (from any of our affiliate websites)
3. The offer is also valid for full length downloads / DVD: buy 2 complete DLs and get 1 complete free!
4. Please DON'T buy the bonus fight(s), send an email request to (kai.kollatschni@kontex-network.de) for one freebie for every two purchased fights.
5. Please contact me  from the same email address you have registered with and don't forget the SKU number  of the desired fight.
6. Please keep in mind that I have to sleep sometime. I have to add each free download to your account manually, so please consider waiting time of a couple of hours!

Cheers,  Kai

AX-65 - 2 | Sage vs Ariel (2) 

from 18,00€

17 days

AX-65 - 1 | Sage vs Ariel (1) 

from 18,00€

18 days



WW03 | Selene vs Kira 

from 17,00€

19 days