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#2798 article number: SOAP-234 - 2

Sun Wa Washington vs Dia Zerva (2) (30:00)

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Loser Gets Fucked

USA / Canada


SOAP (Academy)


studio mats

tit grabbing

pussy to mouth


Erotic / Lesbians

pussy eating

LGF - loser gets fucked




head scissors

body scissors










United States

This match was shot in the summer of 2009, on one of the hottest days of the year, and things heat up quickly. Sun shows she's no novice by taking the fight to Dia early, using her broad shoulders and toned arms to attack Dia with headlocks, but to no avail. Though having less time in than her opponent, the well built blonde has learned her lessons well, and seems to be able to counter all of Sun's advances. The oppressive heat shows its effects early, as the girls begin to breathe heavily after the first few scrambles. Dia goes for the BJJ armbar, but surprisingly Sun knows how to avoid it, and escapes from the move more than once. Using her astounding tits to add leverage to her game plan, the Blasian (Black + Asian) sexpot fights back, but Dia slips out of whatever trouble her foe manages to create. Before long both women are coated in a glistening sheen of sweat, so much so that even the most basic of holds become nearly impossible to maintain...

Eventually one competitor is outclassed and runs out of gas. Scissored, caught in a wristlock, and being trash talked, she taps a final submission and collapses into a puddle. The happy winner then enjoys the spoils of victory by finishing it with a fantastic facesit on her weary but eager to please former foe.

The heat continues to rise and the video closes with a bang as the raging lust built up over the course of the match explodes in part 4. Full on oral sex, finger fucking, and deep kissing set one girl up for an ass pounding, animalistic victory fuck the likes of which could only happen in private, sweaty quarters.
Dia Zerva
height 168
age -
weight 61
country United States
cup size C
Sun Wa Washington
height 160
age -
weight 56
country United States
cup size C